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Marriage Registration in China

The applicant who will go to China for marriage registration shall have a single/non-marital status certificate. Legal marriage age in China is 22 or older for male and 20 or older for female.

Procedure for obtaining a single/non-marital status certificate

(1).Affidavit of Single Status, signed before a notary public. The divorced or the widowed shall have the divorce certificate or death certificate of the ex-spouse be certified/authenticated together with theAffidavit of Single Status.

(2).Certified by the designated authorities of the province where the document is executed.

(3). Certified by the relevant Consulate General .

You must apply to the correct Consulate General which holds consular jurisdiction over your area of residence. The Consular District of the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary covers: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories.

Documents to be included with applications:

(1).One Notarization and Authentication Form completed and signed by the applicant himself.

(2).Photocopy of applicant's passport.

(3).The original and photocopy of the notarized and certified Affidavit of Single Status.

How to submit applications:

1. You may come to the Consulate for application, or send a representative to apply for you. No appointment is required. The regular processing time is 4 working days. The authentication fee is $30 each document. For rush service, additional fee of $50 for the next working day processing, or $35 for the 3rd working day processing will be charged. Pay by credit cards, money order or company check when you come to pick up the document at the consulate.

2. Mail applications are  not acceptable. The regular processing time is 4 working days. For express service, additional fees of $50 for the next working day processing, or $35 for the 3rd working day processing will be charged.


Application Form download.



On this date of_________________, I,(name of affiant),

residing at(street and number)(city)(state)(zip code)


I was born on(date)at(city)(country)

I am a(country)citizen. My passport number is

I am a(current occupation). I am employed by(company name and address)

I am currently single, have never been married (or was divorced/widowed on(date)and have never been remarried since that date).

I have no direct blood tie or kinship within 3 generations with XXX(name of fiancee/fiance).

Signature of the Affiant: _______________________________

Name in Print:________________________________________

(For the Notary Public)

Subscribed and sworn to before me by(name of affiant)on this____day of ________________.

Contact Information of the designated authorities in provinces or territories.


Deputy Provincial Secretary' Office

Room 111, 9833-109 St. Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2E8

Tel: 780-4275069, 3100000, 3104455


Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Authentication Services 

800-1874 Searth Street

Regina SK, S4P 4B3


Northwest Territories: 

Legal Registries, Department of Justice

1st Floor, Sourt M. Hodgson Building5009-49th Street

PO BOX 1320, Yellowknife, N.T. X1A 2L9



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