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The Intensified Phone Scams Alert

Since the beginning of 2018, phone scams targeting overseas Chinese and Chinese students swept again. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Calgary would like to clarify that the Chinese Consulate General and Chinese law enforcement officials will not ask for personal information provided or notify people of matters concerning law or money through phone calls, text messages and WeChat. In case of receiving similar calls, please be sure to contact the Chinese Consulate General (403-5376907 or 403-9986777) to verify. If necessary, please call 911.

The relevant information below is hereby provided to keep you on alert.

Phone scams are implemented by transnational criminal groups. In 1990s, the criminal groups set up dens of crime in Taiwan & mainland China. Since 2009, the dens have been moved to various countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, America and other countries.

The targeted people were at the beginning mainly mainland Chinese citizens, but gradually expanded to Chinese living or studying abroad and even local residents. In August of 2017, quite a few Chinese students in Canada were deceived for tens of thousands of dollars or even more by "fabricated abduction".

Typically, the criminals use the VoIP phone to call a victim, posing as staff from a Chinese embassy or consulate, bank or courier company. They call the victim, trying to acquire the victim's name, date of birth and other personal information. Then, some of them pretend to be a Chinese police officer intimidating and inducing the victim. Furthermore, some impersonate a Chinese prosecutor and direct the victim to visit the false website, threatening and forcing the victim to transfer his or her funds to a designated account for property examination. Once the victim is trapped, the criminals immediately transfer the money and divide it. After that, the criminals quickly evacuate the country and go to another country to set up new dens.

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