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Here Comes the Panda Photo Exhibition!

Wanna know more inside scoop about the Giant Pandas before you see them for real in the Calgary Zoo?

Maybe you and your kids are already among those excited population who are really looking forward to meeting these chubby furry pandas, namely“Da Mao”,“Er Shun” and their “Canadian Made” kids “Canadian Joy” and “Canadian Hope”. So why not join us for a photo exhibition named "My Home, Our Community--Panda Conservation & International Co-operation" to know more behind-the-scenes scientific & international cooperation tips about the giant pandas?

The Photo Exhibition, hosted by the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Calgary, will be held at the Calgary Municipal Complex Atrium and the Calgary Public Library Central Location. Detailed public access hours are as follows:

Location: Calgary Municipal Complex Atrium (800 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2P 2M5); Time: April 30th to May 3rd 2018, 6 AM- 6 PM

Location: Calgary Public Library Central Location (616 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2M2); Time: May 4th to May 31st 2018, Monday to Friday 9AM-8 PM; Saturday 10AM-5 PM ; Sunday 12 PM-5PM. 

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