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Consul General Mme. LU Xu's Speech At the Grand Chinese Costume Display and Show & the Banquet in Celebration of the 2019 Spring Festival

Families and Friends,

Good evening! Happy Chinese New Year,新年好,恭喜发财!

This is my second winter in Calgary. As we were counting ourselves lucky to have a mild winter, suddenly we were caught in chill sweeping the relationship between China and Canada. But when I look around the hall, I feel quite a relief. Your coming today is the greatest acknowledgment and encouragement for what we have done in the past year to promote stronger ties between China and my jurisdictions. I feel so blessed to have all of you by my side, knocking together at the door of the Year of Fortune in such a gorgeous way, celebrating our friendship and hoping for the best for everything coming in the New Year.

Both the display and the show are designed to invite all guests to look back and take an insight into the social changes taken place in 70 years since the birth of New China. On top of that, we do expect guests being inspired with deep thinking that may lead to conclusions of what is behind China’s achievement so far.

Last time when we met at the concert at the Studio Bell, I was talking about fusion or integration. This time, let’s talk about influence. Since its establishment in 1949, China has gone through tremendous changes under the influence of the surrounding world. The 70-year of Chinese costume evolution is a clear evidence. It can be seen that the Lenin suit from the former Soviet Union and flared trousers from the West both once overwhelmed Chinese daily wear in the 50s and the 70s. 40 years later since then, the Chinese fashion is not only catching up with the top world trend, but also standing alone with its own characteristics. The successful story written by the modern China is closely related to how it handles the external influences. By recognizing the differences between itself and the rest of the world, China chooses to face them squarely, trying to interpret them with good will. Even in front of challenges, China does not back inside the shell or run away. Instead, it keeps adjusting itself to the changing world, and striving to turn each challenge into a development opportunity. These attitudes and approaches taken by China not only promised Chinese people a better life but also brought with blessings for the world's peace and development.

If we compare the 5000 years of Chinese history to a long river, then the 70 years of the new China's development is no more than a drop of water, however, it is still telling something. China has gone through transformation by holding onto its tradition while absorbing the essence of other civilizations totally on a voluntary basis. This is the key to maintain its integrity and vitality. Every forced change from outside ended up with the same failure. The lesson of history definitely applies to modern times.

If China comes along with its own ability to influence, it will never seek to impose it on others because it suffered the external compulsion in the past. China does want to be a partner to other countries to seek common prosperity with fair treatment and mutual respect. However, it also depends on whether others are willing to give China such a chance.

In the future, China will be more open to the outside world. It is confident enough to accommodate external influences and turn them into nutrition that facilitates the growth of its own as well as the rest of the world.

Once again, may the Year of Pig(P-I-G) does not turn out to be the year of Pique(P-I-Q-U-E). Thank you all for coming. Also, many thanks go to my team and all the supporters. Special thank goes to the Heritage Park and the Gasoline Museum and Happy 10th anniversary. Without you, we couldn’t have had such a beautiful night. Thank you for your patience. I know you are hungry. Please enjoy the Chinese New Year feast.

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