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Remarks at the Concert and Reception in celebration of 2020 Lunar New Year

Families and Friends,

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年好。Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Thank you very much for coming in such a freezing weather. I’m very pleased to have all of you to join us to welcome the Chinese New Year.

4 months ago right here at the same place, we had a sell out concert put on by Erhu Master Guogan and the Calgary Civic Symphony in celebration of the Chinese National Day. I expect tonight’s concert presented by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra together with the visiting Chinese artists will also take you to an incredible voyage of discovery.

Two concerts in succession make me look like a loyal fan of symphonies, which I AM. The magic of a symphony lies in the fantastic interpretation of the same story and the same feeling by different instruments and different players to reach a harmony.

The magic of the Chinese New Year is so much alike. No matter how far apart our children are, or even there are difficult times with quarrels and fights among family members, we would come all the way home to celebrate together. At the end of the day, harmony TRUMPS all.

Tonight, what China and Canada celebrate together is something worth celebrating but nothing abnormal. 50 years ago, like what family members who might be on a fight would eventually do for the sake of the New Year, the two countries made history by forging diplomatic ties, putting aside the differences of ideology and governance, and bring huge benefits to all of us and the world.

At this moment, the CPO's invitation of the Chinese artists was brave and respectable. We do expect to see more similar decisions and actions taken to bridge the communication. With the same thing in mind, my office just opened the Twitter account. If you follow us today, We will present a you souvenir in the lobby. I found what makes Twitter amazing is that I can tell President Trump“China is not your enemy”without going through his secretaries. The second message I would like to @ him is“Harmony TRUMPS all”.

In the end, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to all musicians for making this concert possible and tonight special!

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