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Consul General Mme. LU Xu welcomes you to join us at the "Online Spring Festival Eve Dinner"

Families and Friends,

Happy Chinese new year!新年好!Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Spring Festival has always been the most prominent annual celebration of the Chinese people home and abroad. Families getting together to enjoy the dinner at the Lunar New Year’s Eve is a time-honored tradition. Though COVID-19 makes the gathering impossible, it can't hold us back from reaching out to our loved ones with a bit of creativity. The devotion comes from the value of family, happiness, health and prosperity cherished by our ancestors, with no difference from those that people around the world, including Canada, live by and pursue. It is also why the Spring Festival celebration blooms across the planet.

This year, we are moving the Eve Dinner online. As a tradition, no big Eve Dinner is complete without 9 courses, as the number 9 sounds similar to the word “eternity” in Chinese.

All 9 Chinese dishes we are going to showcase online were made by Chinese restaurants in Calgary and videoed by the Chinese-Calgarian media group.

Bearing in mind the idea of “ all under heaven are one family”, the local Chinese community and the Chinese food delivery APP "Fantuan" have teamed up with Calgary Food Bank to make the entire February, when 2021 spring festival falls, an "Ordering-and-Caring" month. When customers use the Chinese APP to order dishes, they are encouraged to help the starving and to put sparks of hope back in the less privileged souls.

Folks, let's open the chapter of 2021with Bon appetit and kind hearts.

Thank you all.

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