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"Genocide in Xinjiang?"
- A Discovery Panel exposing the agenda of the U.S.-led Western hegemony politics

On March 19, 2021, Canadian Peace Congress, Just Peace Advocates, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, as well as Canada-China Council for Cooperation and Development held a Zoominar on "Genocide in Xinjiang?" - A Discovery Panel. Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Calgary, Mme. LU Xu was invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech.

The conference was moderated by Radhika Desai, professor of Political Science at the University of Manitoba. Panelists included Canadian online influencer Daniel Dumbrill, Canadian social activist Omar Latif, and Max Blumenthal, a well-known American journalist and founder of THE GREYZONE. With 460 participants online, the event was 1.5 hours longer than expected.

To watch the full video of the Discovery Panel, please click the link below.


In her remarks, Consul General Mme. LU Xu pointed out that the so-called "Xinjiang-related issues" are in essence the lies of the century fabricated by the Western world led by the United States to contain China's rise, distract their domestic conflicts, and are the true source of the recent racial attacks on Asians overseas.

Mme. LU stressed that the Chinese Government has successfully and effectively addressed the issues related to ethnic minority and religion, by implementing comprehensive counter-terrorism measures on the one hand, including vocational training center arrangement to help set offenders of minor crimes free from extremist ideology and learn skills required for social life, and by doubling down on economic development on the other hand, to improve people's livelihood, and lifting more than 3 million people out of poverty in Xinjiang.

However, Mme. LU further stated, the United States and its allies, being uncomfortable with the success China has achieved, as well as being afraid of losing means to contain China, desperately smear and discredit China in order to fool the world under the disguise of the so called morals and values.

Mme. LU reminded the audience that because of its geographic isolation, the United States must mobilize its allies as disposables in besieging China. Canada should have come to its senses.

In the Q & A session, Mme. LU emphasized that the thought of "being against the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Government, but not the Chinese people" is completely naive. The Chinese Communist Party led the Chinese people to modernize the country from a poor and backward country to the world's second-largest economy in just a few decades, while the same process took Western countries a few centuries. The latest international survey conducted by Harvard University showed that the Chinese people are more than 90 percent satisfied with the Chinese Communist Party. Going against such a Party and Government is ruining the good life of the Chinese people. How would the Chinese people allow that to happen and how can anyone dissect the Party from its people?

Panelists also exchanged views on other issues, including China-Canada relations, China-Australia relations, the so-called independent report on Xinjiang by Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy, the differences between Xinjiang boarding schools and Indigenous boarding schools in Canada, invitations to delegations to visit Xinjiang, the possibility of sanctions as a tool of retaliation, and cultural exchanges between China and the West.

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