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An Open Letter from Chinese Consul General in Calgary Mme. LU Xu on Arbitrary Detention of Mme. Meng Wanzhou for 1000 Days

Editor's note: August 26, 2021 marks the 1000th day since Mme. Meng Wanzhou was arbitrarily detained by the Canadian government. Chinese Consul General in Calgary Mme. LU Xu sends an open letter to all sectors in the consular district, emphasizing that the Meng's case is purely a political persecution. Canada should heed the voice of justice, release Mme. Meng immediately, and ensure her safe return to China as soon as possible.

The full text of this letter is as follows:


Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.

The forthcoming August 26th marks 1000 days since Mme. Meng Wanzhou, a Chinese citizen and CFO of Huawei, was arbitrarily detained at Vancouver airport in 2018.

China has always stated that the case of Mme. Meng is purely a political persecution with absolute coercion and human rights violation, manipulated by the US government from the very beginning, not for legal reasons, but for its own geopolitical interests. This has been proven by numerous evidences.

Canada, acting as an accomplice of the USA, has been unfortunately going further down the wrong track by arbitrarily detaining Mme. Meng and putting her on trial. Ottawa cannot deny to be willingly used by the USA as a tool to suppress Chinese high-tech companies and to block China's development.

The case of Mme. Meng has caused grave damages to the Sino-Canadian relationship, from which people of both sides suffered.

The Chinese newspaper Global Times recently published an open letter to the Canadian ambassador to China and launched an online petition. More than 14 million people have added their names to the letter in a week.

We hope Canada could respect the above public opinion and listen to the voice of justice.

I am aware that many Canadians have been calling on Ottawa to end the extradition of Mme. Meng. I sincerely hope you could echo them by taking actions to urge Ottawa to release Mme. Meng immediately, ensure her safe return to China, and prove it to the public that Canada is an independent sovereign state ruled by law.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Yours sincerely,



Consul General of People's Republic of China in Calgary

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