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Phone Scam Alert: Voice Phishing from 403-264 3322 Coming Back

The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary would like to post a public  alert that the telephone number 403-264 3322 which was originally the number of the Administrative Office of the Consulate has been misappropriateby the frauds. Please stay cautious if receiving calls from this number. The frauds may continue to misappropriate other phone numbers of the Consulate . If you receive a seeming call, please hang up immediately or call 403-537 6907 or 403-998 6777 to verify, or make a report to the local police in Canada.


The fraud's story goes like this: call a victim pretending to be one of staff of the Consulate by misappropriating the phone number 403-264 3322 via VoIP phones, claiming with an automated message in mandarin that the Consulate has got an important document that requires the victim's name, phone number and other information. Then victim will be told that his/her bank credit card was stolen and he/she was involved in a major crimes in China. The victim will then be questioned by someone through phone from a so-called Chinese public security department which is totally fake. The victim even can "really see" an arrest warrant with his/her name on it by logging on false website. Finally the victim will be told he/she can only solve this problem by transferring money to a bank account via QR code or purchase Bitcoin online.


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