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Warning:Scam Calls Come Back Again

Today, the Chinese Consulate would like to issue a warning once again that the telephone number 403-264-3322 and any numbers starting with 403-537- 69xx have been misappropriated by the frauds. Please stay alert  if receiving calls from these number or a so-called staff of the consulate, it is likely to be a fraud phone call from a scammer.


The Chinese Consulate will never notify parties by telephone or recorded messages regarding any documents, parcels to be collected, or legal cases to be handled. The Chinese Consulate will never transfer call recipients to a "Interpol Center" or public prosecutor's office in a telephone conversation, nor will they request any personal information, such as a bank account or ID number over the phone. If you receive a similar call, please hang up immediately.


Stay alert and be ware of being deceived!

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