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New Procedure of Applying for Visa for China (Mainland only)

On behalf of the Chinese Consulate General in Calgary, the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) in Calgary started to collect the ten fingerprints of all visa applicants on January 1st, 2019. The new procedure of applying for visa for China (Mainland only) is as follows:

Step 1: Fill in the Application Form Online

All applicants are required to fill in the Application Form online at the official website of the CVASC, and get the form printed and prepare supporting documents according to the purpose of visit.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment Online

After completing the Application Form and getting an application number, an appointment for submitting the applications and fingerprints collecting shall be made at the official website of the CVASC as early as possible well ahead of travel schedules, and the Reservation Form of the appointment shall be printed.

Step 3: Submit the Application

Applicants shall present in person at the CVASC to submit the applications, including the Application Form, the Reservation Form, passport, photo and supporting documents. There are three steps:

1. At Check-in area | Passport is scanned and on-site photo is taken for applicant’s identity checking, and a queuing ticket to Counters will be given to the applicant. Please wait until the number on the queuing ticket is called.

2. At Counter area | Application documents and all the ten fingerprints of each applicant are collected, a Payment Notice and a queuing ticket to Cashier will be given to the applicant. Please wait until the number on the queuing ticket is called.

3. At Cashier area | Visa fee and service fee are charged, and a Pickup Form will be given to the applicants.

Step 4: Pick up the Visa

The visa can either be picked up at the CVASC or delivered by mail to the applicant’s address.

To pick up at the CVASC, either the applicant or an entrusted agent shall bring the original Pickup Form and follow the two steps:

1. Get a ticket at the Self-service machine in the waiting room.

2. Submit the original Pickup Form at Cashier area and get the visa and receipt.

To get the visa delivered by mail, please submit a prepaid Canada Post envelope when paying the visa fee and service fee as mentioned in Step 3(3).


1. Mailing visa application is no longer accepted, and applicants are required to submit the applications in person. However, mailing back service is still available. Applicants may request the service at the time of payment and submit a prepaid Canada Post envelop.

2. A passport photo with white background color of the applicant taken within 6 months shall be uploaded when filling in the application form online. Please also bring a hard copy of the photo in case the digital photo does not meet the requirements. Uploading or using other photo or picture instead of the applicant’s own photo may result in a refusal of the application.

3. In order for a successful collection of the fingerprints, applicants, especially those whose fingertips are dry or peeling, or fingerprints are worn, are recommended to apply hand cream in advance.


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